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Thank you for stopping by! Autumn Delight is a space that has evolved out of my experiences with our son Adith, who was diagnosed with severe hearing loss at 19 months. As hearing parents, it was extremely hard to accept that our first born child was deaf, but raising a hard of hearing child has changed our lives in so many wonderful ways and rendered new meaning to it! It has made us kinder, humbler and taught us to be thankful for the little things in life we earlier took for granted!

Adith wears 2 Phonak Bolero hearing aids to hear better and attends a school practicing Auditory Verbal Therapy – a method of teaching deaf children to listen and speak without using sign language. This approach requires him to be in a language rich environment throughout his waking hours and hence requires us to transform everyday routines to rich learning ¬†experiences besides seeking novel opportunities for him to grow! It is indeed challenging but at the same time, fun and rewarding! Here are some of my cherished memories, some lessons I learned and some absolute fun moments that make my life beautiful now! Our little guy reminds us that ‘Perfection is not what brings happiness’ and that ‘You can, in spite of’.

Hoping to share some warmth,

Diya and Loveson

Update : In June 2016, he received a cochlear implant for his right ear so now he has a hearing aid in his left ear and an implant in his right ear.