And he turned 5!

Adith turned 5 this week. I wanted to share an activity that I did in connection with his birthday as asked by his teacher at school. It was fun and provided lots of opportunities to talk and build language so I think it is an idea worth sharing!

  • Birthday Book
    First one was a Birthday book which had pages for “Me, “My Family”, “My favorite color” etc. Adith could draw or write or glue pictures as he wished. Here is the book! (See the smiling Giraffe!)


  • About Me bag
    Second was an “About Me” bag in which we could put in 5 to 7 items that described him. It could be his favorite toys, books etc. The things that went in were:
    Toys: A Police Car, a concrete mixer and Blaze Monster Truck.
    Books: “No David” by David Shannon and One issue of Highlights Magazine.
    His red Paw Patrol T-shirt (seen in the last post).
    An album with pictures of places we visited during this summer. This in itself provided ample opportunities to talk!

I was given the Birthday book and the bag well in advance and each day, we would do a page or two in the book and talk about the things in the birthday bag. I also had ample time to select pictures from our summer outings and print it out for the album. Loved this idea by his teacher!


Adith describing his birthday book
Adith describing his birthday book
Blaze and blowing candle
Blaze the monster truck; Adith blowing the candles

Another update is that he has begun to say ‘l’ clearly in all words including blends like “blue” and “block”. Super happy about this!

Today, we had an appointment with the audiologist and he did so well! With the implant alone, he was able to detect very, very feeble tones that I was quite stunned! He could not hear some sounds but then, they were barely audible to me. Then he had a picture recognition test in which he nailed it all and a word repetition test in which he missed a few. I think it was more to do with his attention than his hearing that he flawed towards the end. Overall, he continues to demonstrate excellent progress with his implants!

Thank you for reading and have a good weekend!


  1. Jophy said:

    Best wishes! God bless 🚚🚜🚐✈️🚗🚌

    September 24, 2016
    • Diya Loveson said:

      Thank you Joffy Chetta for reading and for your wishes!

      September 25, 2016
  2. reenathomas said:

    I am happy that me & appa could be here for Adith’s 5th b’day & share these happy moments with u. U r doing great things to improve Adith’s speech & listening. May god give u strength &ability to do great things for ur children. Once again happy b’day to our dear Adith

    September 24, 2016

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