Activation day!

Ok, so today was the big day – the day of activation of his implant. And If I were to describe it in one word, it would be “uneventful”. Honestly, I was surprised by the lack of response after it was turned on! Though I did not quite expect him to jump up and down hysterically, I did expect him to notice something. But for the most part, he continued to play with his toys without being alerted to the beeps or our voices.

The first thing I noticed on seeing the processor was how big it was, compared to the hearing aid he is wearing now. Since the cochlear implant performs a much complicated process than just amplification, it needs more power and hence, the battery compartment is much bigger than that of a hearing aid. In the pic below, you can see a horizontal line just below where the coil is connected to the processor  – from there till the bottom is the battery compartment!

Hearing aid vs Cochlear Implant
Hearing aid vs Cochlear Implant

Here is a view of both from the sides.

CI and hearing aid size comparison

An overview of today’s visit below:

First, our audiologist gave Adith a lot of toys to keep him engaged while she showed us the processor and the accompanying things. After putting them together, she adjusted it on Adith’s head and had one end of the processor connected to her computer. The plan was to play beep sounds, soft at first and then gradually increase the volume to see when he would respond. For a long while, there was no response but at one point, he said its “too loud”. She then asked us to speak to him but again there was no response. This is probably because he cannot decipher speech yet. Our audiologist assured us that not responding is also quite normal so we are kind of trying to find solace in that.

Video: Cochlear implant activation @CHP

As the testing progressed, one toy fell off the table and when Adith bent down to pick it up, the processor that was still connected to the computer fell off his head. I picked it up and tried to put it back. As I was moving the magnet slowly over his head, I suddenly felt a strong pull. “Tuk” – it had found its companion inside his head and got stuck there! It was quite a strange feeling to feel a magnetic pull on your child’s head!

We go back again next week for further programming. It would take some time for him to get used to hearing through the implants. Fingers crossed!

Incase you were wondering, Nivedh stayed back at home with my parents who came from India yesterday. Their flight was through Dubai and the same day that another Emirates flight crash landed on the runway. In fact, the accident happened just 10 minutes before their scheduled arrival and it was rerouted to another nearby airport. With all the commotion that followed, their flight to NY was delayed by 13 hours and when they finally reached NY, they realized that the 3 checked-in bags did not quite make it! Now, that was one eventful journey!

So this weekend I have a son trying to cope up with a new way of hearing and parents mourning over lost baggage, lol! Send me some good vibes, please!


  1. Manju said:

    Lots of hugs being send your way…

    August 6, 2016
  2. Preetha said:

    Wishes and Prayers for a good rehabilitation period and hope our parents get their bags back! Relieved to know the lack of response is quite normal!!

    August 7, 2016
    • Diya Loveson said:

      Thanks Di :). Seems it is normal but it is very hard for us not knowing how he is hearing now..

      August 7, 2016

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