End of School Year..

Last Friday was the end of school year ‘Preschool Celebrations’ at Adith’s school. Here is a video of him performing “I had a little turtle” and receiving certificates from his class teacher, Miss Bonnie. Every child gets certificates but still I felt very proud :). I was sitting on the floor right at the front and he came running in between to hug and kiss me!


Preschool celebration at DePaul

Monday was the last day of school and I went to school to pick him up. It was a sudden plan, he usually comes back by the school van. Adith was surprised and excited to see me and Nivedh! He bade goodbye to all his friends and teachers and wished them a great summer!

When Adith started the toddler program at 19 months, there was just another girl with him. She had bilateral cochlear implants and they got along really well. Though their language skills were comparable initially, over time she made such wonderful gains that she is going to her neighborhood school next year. I have great love and respect for her family and wished her and her mom good luck. I could see tears in the Mom’s eyes as she bade farewell to her daughter’s teachers and us parents. Leaving DePaul is a bittersweet moment indeed. You are proud and relieved that your child is ready for public school but at the same time sorry to leave this wonderful school with such amazing teachers!

So, that is another school year drawing to an end. I am pretty sure I would lose a few pounds by the time school reopens coping up with 2 high energy packets at home :D. Have a safe Summer!!


  1. Preetha said:

    Such a sweet post! 😊

    June 8, 2016
  2. reena thomas said:

    hai adith, congrats & best wishes to my dear Adith for ur wonderful action song &the certificates u got. we r all proud & happy of u & ur parents. Hope u r enjoying ur vacation with nivedh without making much troubles with him . amma may be very busy looking after u both, making food ,cleaning clothes & playing with u u can also help amma sometimes & read books & play with appa ,amma & nivedh. u should eat well & try to get energy to play & study. also u will become tall & strong only by eating food. so all the best for ur summer vacation & our prayers to u all. love & hugs to u all. ammachi

    June 9, 2016
  3. Diya Loveson said:

    It is indeed not easy to keep him engaged at all times! Trying as much as I can! But compared to last vacation, it is better because now Nivedh can now play with him!

    June 9, 2016

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