‘Hurray for Fish’ and ‘Pout Pout Fish Goes to school’

We have been reading a lot of books with plenty of “f “s lately. ‘Hurray for Fish‘ is a simple book by Lucy Cousins with a few big images and very little text in each page. Each page introduces different kinds of fish like “Happy Fish”, “Gripy Fish”, “Fat Fish” etc. This allows plenty of auditory bombardment with repetitions of the word “fish” and the fish illustrations are really cute! The final page has all of the fish together so it is fun to ask questions like ” Can you find the sky fish / shelly fish/ upside down fish?” etc. We take turns asking each other and yesterday went up a step asking to find 3 fish in one go. This simple upgrade helps in auditory memory building as well!

“Pout Pout fish goes to school” is another enjoyable book for preschoolers. The first page has different kinds of fish going to school with backpacks:). The book goes on to describe how the baby fish goes to the wrong classrooms, feels dijected and almost gives up when his teacher comes in and takes him to the right classroom. This book allows us to use emotions like dejected, embarassed etc. Adith recently had the word “embarassed” in his vocabulary book and I had no clue how to explain it. This book has hopefully helped him understand the word better.

The ‘Cochlear Americas’ has an excellent free resource “Speech Sounds – A Guide for Parents 511Zs1+OtcL._SY492_BO1,204,203,200_and Professionals” (similar one for vowels as well) which discusses each of the speech sounds in detail and provides ideas centered on ┬ádaily routines, activities, Games and Toys, Songs/Fingerplays and Books to help a child master each of the speech sounds. There are plenty of books mentioned for the sound |F| like The Foot Book by Dr Suez, If you give a Moose a Muffin etc. I found this at the Depaul school library and has hung onto them ever since for all the sounds I work upon! It is a splendid resource. Do take a look!

You can download the pdf with this link:

Speech sounds from Cochlear Americas

Speech Sounds – Vowels from Cochlear Americas

Do you have a favorite book that has plenty of ‘f”s? Maybe for other ages? Do let me know!

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